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Quick Look: Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

2020-11-23 32:20 Quick Looks

Jan and Ben jam out to some tunes and find out not even a Kingdom Hearts rhythm game can be "Simple and Clean"!

Quick Look: Demon's Souls [PS5]

2020-11-20 02:19 Quick Looks

Soul of the load times, key to life's ether. Soul of the lighting, withdrawn from its vessel.

Quick Look: Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War

2020-11-19 56:58

Ride along with Jeff and Abby as things start heating up in this cold war.

The Giant Beastcast: Episode 287

2020-11-19 37:17

There's Crash, Fuser, Astro's Playroom, The Sims, Miles Morales, Black Ops, and more! So many games to get to, not a whole ton of news, and of course, your emails!

Quick Look: Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

2020-11-19 48:54

It IS about time! We jump back into the packed world of Crash to see what we've been missing.

Best of Giant Bomb: 200 - Cooling Springs

2020-11-18 14:44

How has there been 200 episodes of this thing and not one of them included Bugdom before?

Giant Bombcast 661: Code Red Brisket

2020-11-17 33:31 Giant Bombcast

The consoles are out, the loading times are short, the games are plenty, and we dive right in with Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Demon's Souls, COD: Black Ops Cold War, more of our thoughts on using the PS5 and Series X and a variety of next-gen upgrades, a bunch of ...

Lockdown 2020: We Be Truckin'! 11/17/2020

2020-11-17 58:15

New state dropped, so let's explore the high roads and wide loads of Colorado while experiencing the finest Russian bops internet radio can provide.

Quick Look: Fuser

2020-11-17 32:20 Quick Looks

DJ Janman and Sir Vin-a-Lot embark on a virtual musical journey in Fuser!

Lockdown 2020: We Be Drummin'! 11/12/2020

2020-11-12 59:28

THE NEXT GENERATION IS HERE, so we put Rock Band through its paces and see what random musical nightmares this big honking new Xbox can conjure.